Healing Principles ~ The Art of Living

“Live by intuition and inspiration – let your whole life be a revelation” Eileen Caddy
So far, I too have had to manoeuvre a few crossroads in my own life and re-invent myself along the way. So following the ‘Healing Principles’ below has helped me to transition and evolve.

I’ve made it my priority to soak up as much learning and experience as I can, so I am able to share insights and teachings with you. Hopefully you will then find some enlightenment in what I have learnt so you can enrich your own life.

These 8 Healing Principles, which if followed, enable us to live authentic, nourishing lives, supporting us to reach our true potential. We may even find congruence with our Soul Contract in this lifetime, wouldn’t that be amazing?

The 8 Habits of Highly Harmonious People:

  1. Know Thyself (as Edward Bach said) – Self Awareness Is Key
  2. Take Full Responsibility For Your ‘Damage’ (we all have some!)
  3. DO Whatever Feels Good To Nourish Self (trust what your intuition tells you)
  4. Build Your Courage To Be Stronger Than Your Fear (so you can TRANSFORM)
  5. Let Your Heart Be Playful, Open & Vulnerable (yes Vulnerable!)
  6. Share Full Hearted Kindness With Others (without Judgement)
  7. Use Mindful Communication (Read about the 3 gates of communication below)
  8. Surrender Your Will With The Universe (enable your Soul Contract)

Brownie points for anyone who knows why these are coloured like this! Curious?

Background to the Healing Principles

1. Know Thyself

I remember reading a book by Edward Bach called ‘Know Thyself’ and it left a great impression on me. It really opened my eyes to how very important it is to have an intimate relationship with yourself. Being honest about your motivations, insecurities and working out why you have probably created a whole range of coping strategies, sabotage programmes and distracting veils to hide your true self to others.

The question is, unless we really know ourselves how can we ever expect to forge any healthy relationship with anyone else, including our own children? Surely if we keep kidding ourselves about who we really are, we will only continue to attract exactly the wrong type of people into our lives. If we can’t be honest with ourselves how can we expect to forge any relationship of integrity?

Tapestry of Life

I like to think of ‘getting to know myself’ as a lifetime adventure – full of surprises and untapped potential waiting to be realised. Moreover, all the people and opportunities I meet along the way, help me to paint an even richer tapestry of my life and each of us has the ability to create a unique and beautiful tapestry!

2. Take Full Responsibillity

This quest for self awareness may seem simple on the surface, but with social conditioning and the unique ways in which we are all brought up by our families and pressures from society; I think we all know how complex this journey can be! So knowing oneself, I believe, is the first step in taking real responsibility in life. Owning your ‘idiosyncrasies’ and then starting to fine tune how you want to behave in life going forward is essential. Then, you can start to create your own reality and that’s where the fun begins.

It’s a sobering thought that once we are gone, life does carry on. But this is so true. Our loved ones may be kind and care about our struggles, but the bottom line is WE can only really make the difference in our own lives. If we play victim and expect others to ‘rescue’ us, we become stifled in an endless loop – unable to build self worth by attaining our own goals for ourselves and learning from experiences. But once we do, what a great sense of achievement we feel!

3. Mindful Communication

A while ago I stumbled across this simple check list for communication and I am still to this day embedding this habit in my own personal interactions. None of us really seem to realise the power of words, but in effect they are transmissions of energetic intention which we send out – much like radio waves from a broadcasting tower.

What’s more, whatever energy we send out, the universe mirrors back to us, so it’s essential we become more mindful about how we communicate with others if we want to start living lives of integrity. Next time you start to say something significant, pause and ask yourself:

Is what I’m about to say:

1. True?

2. Kind?

3. Necessary?

If we followed these rules, I wonder how much less we would say on a daily basis?

How often do we really know something is True?

Everything we perceive is actually based on our own perspective and that depends on how we were brought up, our parents’ opinions and beliefs and how that programming is then shaped by peers and life experiences. So how will we ever know what is actually true? Fact is the best we can get to…but even that is often up for debate!

When is something kind?

This is also a dilemma because sometimes there may be more inherent ‘kindness’ in telling someone something ‘harsh’ because they need help seeing a situation more clearly – they need a reality check.  Compassion means sometimes being tough to be kind.

When is something necessary?

Is what we’re about to say seem necessary but it’s what WE want to hear? How relevant is it for the other person?  Is the information you’re about to disclose really for their greatest good?

So you can see how complex, yet simple this framework is! Maybe the real lesson here is to listen twice as much as we speak, then we would automatically build more mindful communication.

Further Exploration of my 8 Healing Principles

These are just a few of my thoughts and reflections on how we can start living our lives in congruence with our true nature, becoming aligned with something larger than our individual selves and identifying our Soul Contract. If you would like to hear more about the ‘Healing Principles’ then please do sign up to my podcastGathering Insights. Share your comments and views so others can benefit and we can grow a community of evolution.

If you would like to explore how you can become more aligned with your own purpose in life then you may like to book one of my Mentoring in Nature walks or a 1:1 Myers Briggs Personality Consultation.

I have also recently published my first book where you can ‘Gathering Insights’ with friends and family to assist you on your journey of self discovery!

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