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Handmade Crystal Shell Jewellery

Bristol Reiki Healing Arts Crystal Shell Jewellery

Healing Crystal Shell Jewellery

~ Shop handmade crystal shell jewellery infused with the healing power of nature and healing Reiki energy ~

It’s always good to combine passions. I love creating and making things with my hands, collecting and foraging natural objects and I’m passionate about the healing properties of Reiki and Crystal Therapy. So it made pure sense to bring all these aspects together by making Crystal Shell Jewellery. Each piece I make is unique, and made using hand selected crystals and shells. Reiki symbols have been infused in each piece allowing this natural universal life force energy to flow within and around the object. This energy can then be absorbed by the wearer and so help promote balance and harmony in the body, encouraging the body’s natural healing process. These really are beautiful companions to wear! I can even create for you using your own shells!

Ceramics Inspired by Nature

Sonya Ceramic Art Selection of Work

Ceramics Inspired By Nature

~ Shop nature inspired ceramics, lovingly made using the impression from real foraged leaves ~

Creating with clay is my own personal therapy, ‘it washes away from my Soul the dust of every day life’ (Pablo Picasso) and allows me to be totally present, a type of mediation practise if you like. I love exploring local arboretums and woodland to find leaves that inform my work. In 1995 I qualified in Ba (Hons) ceramics and many years later, I still run a pottery from my home selling unique ceramic homeware. My love of nature has combined with this love of clay to produce a number of unique ceramic collections. I make unique porcelain jewellery using the impression from Ginkgo and Maple leaves; porcelain vases inspired by skeleton leaves and my pond lily leaf dishes have even been televised on BBC2 on the ‘Great British Menu’ used by Chef Niall Keating.

Publications By Sonya Wilkins

Gathering Insights Book By Sonya Wilkins

Gathering Insights Volume 1

~ Shop for unique books that will enlighten any social gathering, enhancing your knowledge of close friends and family members ~

I’m so very excited to offer you my first book! My inspiration has come from being a Mum and watching how my children evolve in the ‘Tech’ world that we live in. Meal times around the table had become less interactive, so I decided to invent a way of getting us all to communicate, sharing thoughts & experiences at a deeper level. This is a fun, interactive & insightful book, suitable for all ages and all locations. Whether you decide to gather at meal times, use it on long car journeys or around a camp fire. So, if you too have the uneasy feeling that we’ve lost something important in life…the ability really talk & actively listen to the hearts & minds of the ones we love; this is the book for you! Buy your copy on Amazon today!