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Gathering Insights‘ Volume 1 ~ By Sonya Wilkins

This book will help to cultivate and foster self awareness, heart intelligence and soulful wisdom when you gather together your family, friends and colleagues.  It will re-awaken the ability to listen and learn about those people you share your life with.  To see clearly into their character, personality, feelings and ultimately get a glimpse into their Soul; the essence of what makes them who they are.

This book provides a fun and light hearted framework where families and friends can ask simple yet provoking questions around the dinner table, camp fire, even in the car on long journeys, while walking the dog, or huddled around the kitchen table over tea and cake! It’s so easy to pop the little book in a pocket and dip into the questions.

You may like to be methodical. You can work through the questions in order, ticking them off as you go.  Or you may like to use them randomly but still marking them off as they are completed.  But remember, each question can be used more than once…as you’ll be amazed how you get different answers on different days from the same people. Our life experiences mould our responses to the world all the time. So actually this book can be used as a framework to see how peoples’ perceptions change over time…

There are also seven supporting chapters which give further insight into the ways we can form enriching relationships and develop our emotional intelligence.

Gathering Insights

Gathering Insights By Sonya Wilkins

Volume 1 Published 7th Sept 2018

Gathering Insights

Gathering Insights Book By Sonya Wilkins

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