Beautiful Healing Jewellery

I couldn’t resist putting my crystal therapy knowledge and love of making things with my hands using natural forms to good use!  Over the years I have carefully selected mother of pearl shells from the Algarve in Portugal and married them up with crystal stones that have caught my eye at holistic fairs.  Finally it was time to combine them and infuse the final product with Reiki energy offering a unique, beautiful and healing collection of pendants and earrings.

Each piece is unique and because of the individual properties of each crystal stone, together with specific Reiki symbols which have been used to infuse the pendant, they offer a transformative value which when worn can promote balance and harmony; assisting the body’s natural healing ability.  They really do become little companions, all having personalities.  Now all you need to do is use your intuition to choose which one is right for you!

I can also take commissions if there is a particular combination you are looking for.

Each pendant comes with a silver or gold plated chain or loops (with earrings) and is packaged in a charcoal and black presentation box.

Please contact me using the Enquiry button quoting the name of the pendant you are interested in and I can send you more detailed photographs and a method of payment.

Orange Agate & Shell Pendant £30

Orange Agate Shell Pendnat front view

Moss Agate & Shell Pendant £30

Moss Agate and Shell Pendant

Labradorite & Pale Pink Shell Earrings £30

Labradorite and Pale Pink Shell Earrings

Lemon Scapolite & Shell Pendant £25

Super 7 Crystal & Shell Pendant £40

Super 7 Crystal and Shell Pendant

Rose Quartz & Shell Pendant £30

Rose Quartz and Shell Pendant

Labradorite & Shell Pendant £25

Labradorite and Shell Pendant

Labradorite & Mid Pink Shell Earrings £30

Labradorite and Mid Pink Shell Earrings

Gold Scapolite & Shell Pendant £25

Gold Scapolite and Shell Pendant