Access Your Body’s Wisdom Using a Crystal Pendulum to Gain Clarity on Life and Health

Why Would I Use A Crystal Pendulum?

Many of us have lost the ability to trust our own intuition or inner guidance. We’re often influenced by external pressures, expectations and societal roles that we play. So, it’s becoming harder for us to know our truth. Performing crystal dowsing allows us to tap into our innate wisdom and gain clarity on life’s questions.

How Does Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Work?

When quartz crystal is held, it connects with our body’s own crystalline structures and so taps into our innate wisdom. When we ask questions, energy is transferred from our body’s response and manifests as a change in orientation in the pendulum. If we ask clear questions we can therefore gain answers and clarity.

What happens during the treatment?

Initially, we’ll talk about the aspects of your life you would like clarified. Then I will teach you how to use a crystal pendulum for dowsing and gain a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response. By the end, you will receive answers to many of your questions helping you to move forward in your life and health. The dowsing process lasts about 45 minutes, after an initial chat about the areas you want to focus on. Please Note: if you are receiving medical treatment for an existing health issue and taking medication, please gain approval from your Doctor before booking this treatment.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is an ancient art using a divining tool such as twigs, rods, or pendulums to discover something that is ‘unseen’ or invisible. Historically it has been used to find ground water, hidden treasure or gem stones underground. In crystal therapy we use it to uncover the hidden wisdom of our bodies.

How Does it Work?

You may find it interesting to read the article below from ‘New Scientist’ which explores whether this ancient art is viable or not. As quoted below, there is a scientific reason why a divining object moves when held in our hands:

“The scientific explanation for what happens when people dowse is that “ideomotor movements” (muscle movements caused by subconscious mental activity) make anything held in the hands move. It looks and feels as if the movements are involuntary. The same phenomenon has been shown to lie behind movements of objects on an Ouija board”.

How Does Dowsing Relate To Accessing Our Intuition?

My own take on this is that our bodies hold an unlimited supply of wisdom, yet we have forgotten how to listen to it (our intuition has become silenced or subdued). We also have much learning and wisdom hidden away in our subconscious minds. Think of the subconscious mind as a powerful memory bank, like the processor of a computer, many times more powerful than our conscious mind. So if we take time to practise re-connecting to our innate intuition, we can become more aware of the wisdom held within our subconscious. The only challenge is that this information is invisible until it is converted into some sort of physical response.

This is where crystal pendulum dowsing comes in to play…

A Physical Response To Our Intuition

As humans, we like to be able to ‘see’ a reaction to these subconscious realisations and messages, so it’s easier for us to use a physical tool to express this. That way we can trust we are really receiving guidance. Therefore, when we hold a pendulum (ideally quartz, because it is a magnifier and transmitter of energy); the response we get from the questions we ask are transmitted from our subconscious mind through our bodies creating an ideomotor movement in the divining tool (pendulum). This makes the pendulum move and we are then able to interpret the movement or response. This is how kinesiology works but instead of using a pendulum to help interpret the results of the questions, they use the response of a muscle in the body (the muscle stays strong or becomes weak in response).

How Do We Decipher The Pendulum Response?

When performing crystal pendulum dowsing, we need to establish a pattern of movement that suggests a ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘I’m not sure’ answer. Once this is done, we can ask closed, clear questions and wait for the pendulum to respond accordingly. This is how we gain the answers to our questions. Please note, it’s also very important to ‘step the Ego’ aside and ensure it doesn’t interfere in the process…this is where my guidance is important.

About the Treatment

Each 1 hour Crystal Pendulum Dowsing session is £52. Firstly we will establish your goals and questions for the session and then I will teach you how to use the pendulum. I also use a special process to avoid Ego contamination! By the end of the dowsing session, you will have answers to your specific questions and I will offer you feedback and recommendations for how best you can use them in your life going forward. If you would like to ask further questions before booking a Pendulum Dowsing Session, please do feel free to email me or look at the frequently asked questions