Crystal Practitioner Course

‘Qualify As A Crystal Therapist To Heal Family, Friends & Clients’

Learn At Your Own Pace & Qualify Within One Year £275

Many of my¬†existing ‘Crystals For You‘ students have asked me to design a course so they can qualify as crystal therapists. So I’m very pleased to now be able to offer this¬†practitioner level course to you all.

Even if you learnt the basics of crystal therapy with another course provider, you can send me your certificate and enrol on this course to qualify.

My aim is to¬†nurture¬†and grow skilled and authentic crystal¬†therapists. Hence this¬†course is designed with a systematic and thorough approach. Therefore, it’s important you understand the course pre-requisites before paying and enrolling. So please watch the video which¬†explains everything in advance.

What You’ll Get For ¬£275

If you do decide to enrol, you will benefit from:

Life time access to a detailed 55 page course manual

Life time access to over 4 hours of detailed videos

7 powerful crystal therapy methods to use with clients

Check lists, pro-forma’s and learning logs to support your ongoing development

Individual feedback on 9 client case study assignments

Individual feedback on 1 client case study treatment (video recorded)

Detailed guide on how to set up the perfect healing space

Detailed guide on how to perform high quality client consultations

Detailed guide on how to set up an holistic business including marketing tips

Live Zoom Meeting with Sonya for your end assessment

Certificate of completion vetted by

If you would like to ask further questions before booking ‘Crystal Practitioner’, please do feel free to email me or call me on +7790012238

Course Prerequisites


In order to gain full benefit from this course and ultimately gain your practitioner certificate, you MUST first have completed 1, 2 or 3 below:

  1. Completed my online crystal course¬†‘Crystals For You’ modules 1-3 inclusive. In which case, I require you to email me your 3 separate certificates of completion.
  2. Completed my two day ‘Crystals For You’ Workshop (in person in the UK). In which case, I require you to email me your single certificate of completion.
  3. *Completed an equivalent entry level course in crystal healing. In this instance I require you to email me the applicable certificate and course contents list/photo of your manual.

*If you have done an equivalent beginners level course with another provider, I would also need evidence showing what subjects you covered in that course. Please email me your course contents or agenda and a photo of your course manual. This is so I can vet it’s suitability in giving you foundational knowledge in crystal therapy.

Pre-course Test

Once I have received verification that you have sufficiently passed a beginners level course, you are required to complete my online test to check your level of understanding from ‘Crystals For You’ or equivalent. This requires that you achieve an 80% or above pass rate. This must be done before you start the practical part of this practitioner course (the video demonstrations). You can have several attempts at the test if you don’t acquire an 80% or above pass rate first time. Once you have done this, you can start the video demonstration section of the practitioner course.

What You Will Learn

In this practitioner level course, I will demonstrate (with the help of students who are also learning), six key crystal therapy methods and techniques. You will be able to watch and learn, gaining benefit from the students I work with as they ask questions and develop their own styles and techniques.

Learn Thoroughly At Your Own Pace

I suggest you then practise the techniques on a friend so you embed your own learning. Because you will have lifetime access to the videos and theory manual, you have the advantage of learning at your own pace. This means you can watch the demonstrations as many times as you like before you go on to practise on friends and case study clients.

In the Videos I will demonstrate and teach you how to:

  • Connect and Programme Your Control Crystal
  • How to Open and Close a Client Treatment Using Your Control Crystal
  • How to ‘Wind Back In Time’ Using Your Control Crystal
  • How to Perform An Aura Wand Massage
  • How to Perform A Crystal Foot Massage (Crystal Zone Therapy)
  • How to Perform A Crystal Back, Neck, Shoulder & Head Massage
  • How to Perform A 5-Line Clearing

In Depth Theory Learning:

These in depth video demonstrations are supported by a detailed 56 page manual so you can read over the theory that supports each technique, further embedding your understanding.

Once you have watched the demonstration videos and read the supporting theory, you can then go on to learn about the client consultation process.

Client Consultation Process

The manual gives a huge amount of structured information on how to prepare for your client and plan what treatment you will be offering them. So you feel well supported, I have supplied summaries, checklists and detailed explanations for each aspect of the consultation process. From booking treatments, meeting and greeting, to body language and energy reading skills.

Once you have familiarised yourself with these sections in the manual and practised on friends, you will be ready to book your client case studies.

Feedback For Improvement

Each time you perform a case study client treatment, you will fill out a pro-forma document afterwards. This will help you to summarise your experience delivering the crystal therapy treatment and share your findings. I will then feedback to you by email, so you can improve for the next practise client treatment.

This way, you will be practising, experimenting, learning, reflecting, reviewing and improving on your crystal therapy practise each time.

How To Run An Holistic Business

While you are completing your 9 client case study treatments and assignments, you need to read the chapters in the manual regarding running an holistic business. You will be asked questions about this during your final zoom assessment meeting.

Final Assessment & Feedback

By the time you reach your 8th or 9th client case study treatment, you will be ready to video record one 1 hour session. (Please ask for permission from your practise client for this).

I then require you to send this video recording to me using We Transfer (or such like) and then I will feedback to you via the live zoom meeting. This will represent part of your final assessment; taking into consideration all your assignments and treatment video recording, together with an understanding about how to run an holistic business.

At this point, I will either pass you and issue you with your practitioner certificate enabling you to practise as a crystal therapist; or I may ask you to complete an additional assignment, case study, or test in order to fill the gaps in your learning.

Insurance To Practise

Once you have received your ‘Crystal Practitioner Certificate’ you will be able to send this to to obtain cover for your business practise.