Release Blocked Energy From the Past and Relieve Muscle Tension Multidimensionally

Why Crystal Massage?

If you enjoy receiving massages but want to combine tension releasing movements with crystal therapy, my crystal massage is perfect for you. The back often represents the past energetically, so it’s a great way to release trauma and bring harmony to past challenges.

How it works

Crystals act like energetic hoovers, especially quartz points, as they can also extract, inject and magnify energy. So when I use specific massage crystals on the back, past trauma can be transformed. Hence this is both a tension releasing and transformative treatment.

What happens during the treatment?

Ideally, you wear a long sleeved top during this treatment to aid the movement of crystals across your back while you and lie on your front. Firstly, I connect the Reiki energy and scan your back for areas of stagnancy. Then I sweep smooth crystals over your back to release tension. Following this, I release negative energy using quart points and crystal wands. The massage includes the back, neck, shoulders and head and lasts about 1 hour, after an initial chat about your specific needs. Please Note: if you are receiving medical treatment for an existing health issue and taking medication, please gain approval from your Doctor before booking this treatment.

How Crystals Can Help Heal Past Trauma

Because crystals are natural (made in the core of the earth), they are pure examples of different rays or frequencies of energy. This can be seen by their varying colours, much like when we witness a rainbow in the sky when light refracts through droplets of rain water. Light is energy, and colour is an expression of that light energy.

Each crystal has a unique chemical structure and how these chemical bonds are orientated means light refracts through the crystal differently. The result is that each crystal has a unique colour and holds particular healing qualities. When they are placed on our body, the crystals act like mini teachers or mirrors. They help our body and energy system to move back into harmony using the crystal as a guide.

The Back Often Represents The Past

The back represents the past in energy terms. So when I apply special massage crystals to the back, they help harmonise blocked energy. I use quartz points to extract negative energy and then wind in positive energy to any areas that feel ‘heavy’ or ‘sluggish’ energetically. As a consequence, the past events and emotions that relate to the tension in the back are also received. This means the body acquires improved vital energy and can start to self heal any traumatic events that previously occurred.

Initial Release Using Large Smooth Crystals

Crystal Massage targets muscles that may be harbouring stagnant energy in the back, neck, shoulders and head, causing tension and pain. At the start of the massage, large smooth crystals are used to press into the muscles in sweeping motions. This releases surface tension and allows the healing effects of the crystals to penetrate into the soft tissue.

Extraction and Injection of Energy Using Quartz Points

Next I use quartz points to extract negative energy and wind in positive healing energy. This is overseen by my ‘control crystal’ and also aided by crystal wands. I work intuitively on the back and shoulders in this way until the overall energies are harmonised.

Neck and Head massage

The head and neck can be more sensitive, so I use smaller smooth crystals to smooth over areas. Often this is in a pattern of lines up, down and across. This creates a calming effect, especially through the hair on the head.

Treatment Practicalities

Each 1.5 hour Crystal Massage is £52 and includes an initial consultation to ascertain the areas requiring attention and a full back, neck, shoulder and head massage. Oils are not required during a Crystal Massage and the treatment is performed fully clothed. I suggest you wear light clothing on the torso such as a T shirt or long sleeved cotton shirt. Typically this treatment is performed lying on your front on my couch, but I can also perform this seated in a chair if you prefer. If you would like to ask further questions before booking a Master Reiki and Chakra Balance Treatment, please do feel free to email me or look at the frequently asked questions