Benefit From A Relaxing Aromatherapy Foot Massage and Whole Body Balance Simultaneously

Why Crystal Foot Massage?

If you love having your feet massaged and need an energy balance, the crystal foot massage is perfect for you. The foot represents a map of the whole body, so by massaging crystals into the feet, you can relieve tension and encourage healing in all parts of body.

How it works

Crystals act like energetic hoovers, especially quartz points, as they can extract, inject and magnify energy. So when I use specific massage crystals on the pressure points of the feet, healing is directed to the corresponding areas of the body. Depending on what I sense energetically, I use various types of crystals to release, align and balance energy.

What happens during the treatment?

I start the crystal foot massage by cleansing each foot with rose water. Then I massage aromatherapy oil into both feet so my client becomes deeply relaxed. Next, I use clear quartz points along the meridian lines in the feet to align and encourage energy flow. If I sense any stagnancy, I use a crystal wand to wind out negative energy. After this is done, I direct positive healing energy into the same area. Finally, I perform a mini chakra balance on each foot before a final unifying massage. The treatment lasts about 1.5 hrs, including a consultation about your specific needs. Please Note: if you are receiving medical treatment for an existing health issue and taking medication, please gain approval from your Doctor before booking this treatment.

How Crystals Can Help Heal The Whole Body Through The Feet

The Crystal Foot Massage can be used to return balance to the whole energetic body. This is because pressure points in the foot directly correspond to organs and structures in the body. Crystals hold a blueprint of the perfect harmonic balance for a particular frequency of energy. Therefore, by placing these perfectly balanced stones on specific areas of the foot, a natural yet powerful healing can be invoked in the related part of the body.

Extraction and Injection of Energy Using Quartz Points

During the Crystal Foot Massage I press quartz points along meridian lines in the foot to extract negative energy and replace it with positive healing energy. This is overseen by my ‘control crystal’ and also aided by crystal wands. I work intuitively sensing any stagnancy and then rebalancing it as I work over the whole area of the feet. Chakra points on the feet also offer the opportunity for a mini chakra balance and so smooth crystal stones can be used to massage areas of greater tension. These benefits are absorbed by the feet so healing can ultimately take place on a larger scale within the respective area of the body.  

Treatment Practicalities

Each 1.5 hour Crystal Foot Massage treatment is £58 and will combine a number of chakra balancing and massage techniques. These are complimentary to the individual need, which is established in a consultation at the start of the treatment. Treatments are performed on a professional massage couch or can be performed seated if preferred. At the end, I will offer you feedback about your chakras and recommendations for how best you can support your ongoing healing. If you would like to ask further questions before booking a Crystal Foot Massage, please do feel free to email me or look at the frequently asked questions