Crystal Womb Healing £64

‘Reclaim Your Feminine Power & Intuition’

Crystals can be used to help return balance to the chakras (or energy centres of the body) by placing specific coloured stones over and around these energy centres. This rebalancing is effective because the crystal stones chosen are produced in the earth’s core and hence are perfectly formed as nature intended.  Crystals hold a blueprint (related to their unique chemical structure) of the perfect harmonic balance for that frequency of energy and so by placing these perfectly balanced stones on specific chakras we can invoke a natural yet powerful healing and rebalancing process. The body and it’s organs and functions acknowledge the crystals, and then mirror their natural harmony, making energetic adjustments so that rebalancing and healing takes place. 

Crystal Womb Healing uses these crystal stones in various formats and patterns (chosen specifically for you) to clear stagnant energy in the Sacral Chakra or ‘Hara’. This is the word for abdomen in Japanese, seen as the centre from where one enters life and from where one dies and exits life. It is the contact centre between the body and the soul and the place where women conceive new life.

During this unique treatment, I will be using specifically chosen crystals in various sizes and shapes to balance and heal the womb and surrounding area. The crystals will bring about healing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. This will release any blocked energy so returning the Hara’s energetic status back to a place of balance, equilibrium and harmony, helping the organs and functions to perform at an optimum.

It may be beneficial to choose Crystal Womb Healing if you wish to focus on a longer term health issue related to fertility or menstruation, where a course of treatments can help alleviate deeper issues and look at the correlation between physical, emotional and mental patterns.  

Each 1 and a half hour, Crystal Womb Healing treatment is £64 and will combine a number of diagnosis techniques, corrective techniques and harmonising techniques dependant on the individual need. This is established in a consultation at the start of the first treatment.

Treatments are performed on a professional massage couch with blankets and cushions to support you in the most comfortable position lying on your back and you will remain fully clothed.   I will offer you feedback about your Sacral Chakra and Hara at the end of the session and recommendations for how best you can support your ongoing healing.

If you would like to ask further questions before booking please do feel free to email me or look at the frequently asked questions.  

If you are receiving guidance for a medical condition, please consult your Doctor before booking this treatment.

Womb healing is a powerful treatment for women.  Over the ages women and their feminine power has been suppressed often by religious organisations who have felt threatened by the potential power of a women’s natural and innate intuitive ability.  I believe women are potential seers who can tap into the etheric realms and gain wisdom from spirit guides.  In doing this they can potentially guide not only their close loved ones with wise words but also whole communities.  Many tribal traditions revere women and the special gifts they poses.  During menstruation tribal women would come together in ‘bleeding tents’ to be left to commune with each other, supporting each other through this transformative process.  During this time the men in the tribe would slip notes under the tent door to ask for guidance from the group of collaborative ‘bleeding women’.  It was believed that this time in a women’s cycle was sacred and held the potential to connect with spirit and be guided by sacred wisdom.  Women would then return messages to the tribe to change location or maybe herd the cattle or livestock in such a way to protect them from impending harm based on the sacred guidance they received.

In today’s society we have lost respect for women’s intuitive powers, which is very sad; but I believe times are shifting and there is a wonderful opportunity for women to step back into their power.  Not in defence or competition with those that may have condemned them, but with grace, wisdom and with a vocation of love and transformation for the new age.

In order for women to reach into their full intuitive and nurturing nature we need to clear the pain and suppression that may reside in our wombs and area of the ‘Hara’ (the Japanese word for abdomen where life enters and exits).  Because our Mother’s and their Mother’s will have experienced the same echoes of suppression this pain or stagnant energy can remain in the female hereditary line.

Crystals can act as powerful aids in this clearing process and I am now pleased to be offering this transformative treatment for the feminine.  I will diagnose any possible energy blocks in your sacral chakra or Hara at the start of the treatment and then use a variety of wonderful crystals that synergise with the feminine energy of the womb to help clear and balance both historical suppression and any current physical or emotional blocks.  We will work together using intention, meditation and visualisation to connect your heart to your womb, send love to your womb and ignite and activate your womb allowing it to step into it’s innate feminine power.  I will also use the harmonising healing qualities of Reiki to facilitate this healing process.

I will use some specially selected crystal stones to act as companions and guides on this transformative healing journey.  Namely, Carnelian, Rose Quartz and Moonstone.  Carnelian is an energising stone and it’s fire like quality will warm your womb, fostering courage and confidence and also boosting your nurturing life force energy.  Rose Quartz will act as a a conduit sending unconditional love to your womb.    It is gentle and nurturing, and it’s soft energy will hold you comforted on this healing journey allowing you to face fears and blockages with a courageous heart, releasing any un-supporting energies gently.  Moonstone is a wonderful crystal that helps to balance hormones and hence aid in fertility and conception.  If it is paired with Carnelian it can activate passion and fire in preparation for conception!  One of my favourite crystals is Labradordite or Spectrolite (as it is less commonly known) and these stones can heal on many levels so consolidating the healing from the Carnelian, Rose Quartz and Moonstone and raising the whole healing experience to a higher spiritual level helping to enliven our intuition and connect with the energy of the priestess. Finally, I sometimes use Quartz points and Herkimer diamonds to magnify these healing energies if required.

I recommend that clients look at Crystal Womb Healing as an ongoing healing journey as it is as much about learning how to connect with your own womb and feminine power as it is about receiving an initial healing treatment.  You may find that a course of treatments will help you to connect fully and learn the skills to create your own personal meditation practice at home where you can regularly connect with your feminine power, and these skills are something I can help you learn.  

Here is an example of a Womb Healing Circle that I will create with your input for your bespoke Womb Healing Treatment: