Use The Power of Meditative Visualisation To Heal Reoccurring Ailments

Why Meditation with Reiki?

It’s now scientifically proven that the power of our minds and intention is significant in manifesting change. So if you have a reoccurring ailment that is persistent, this combined treatment can help target and release the root cause. Visualising a golden sieve moving up through you body literally filters out unwanted energies, assisted by the power of universal life force energy (Reiki).

How it works

Athletes use visualisation to improve their chances of success in their field of sport; synapses in the brain can be created ahead of an event, meaning the likelihood of success is increased. During this treatment I will guide you to visualise a golden sieve which will filter out stagnant energy, release blocks and engage transformative healing.

What happens during the treatment?

You remain fully clothed for the healing, lying on your back on my couch with cushions and blankets for support. Firstly, I connect the Reiki energy at your shoulders and perform an aura scan. This enables me to sense stagnancy so we can programme its release within the golden sieve meditation. I will guide the mediation, so all you need to do is listen with the power of intention and relax. Please Note: if you are receiving medical treatment for an existing health issue and taking medication, please gain approval from your Doctor before booking this treatment.

How The Power of Visualisation Can Heal

Athletes have long used the power of visualisation to improve their chances of success in their field of sport. Whether they visualise jumping the poll volt before taking the leap, or crossing the line in first place at the 100 metres. Science has now proven how the power of our minds can really make the difference. When we visualise, we build new synapses (bridge connections) in our brain, making the transfer of electrical signals more efficient and ready for when we take action in reality. This means the information crossing over these bridges can take effect more quickly and increase our chance of ‘right first time’.

Who Has Used This To Great Effect?

Quantum science is now proving how we can use these techniques to literally re-wire our brains and heal our bodies. The work of Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden and Bruce Lipton supports these theories. Jo Dispenza even fused his own broken vertebra (to the amazement of medical consultants) after breaking his back in a plane accident. Listen to his story here.

How The Golden Sieve Meditation Will Help You

So why not use the power of your mind to help heal your body?

Join me in a powerful Reiki & Golden Sieve Meditation treatment where I will guide you through a visualisation process using the symbolism of a ‘Golden Sieve’. As the sieve travels through your body, from crown to feet, it will sift and filter any stagnant energy and blocks. Releasing and freeing vital energy so it can be used to optimise your health and even heal ailments. Because this treatment is combined with Reiki, it will prime your body for progressive transformation and healing. This healing can even continue to take place after the treatment is finished.

Who is This Treatment Suitable For?

My Reiki & Golden Sieve Meditation Treatment is ideal for anyone who enjoys mediation and wishes to combat re-occurring ailments. Sometimes, the root cause of ailments are deep seated in the mental layer of our aura. This is linked to beliefs and habits, so the meditation process can help filter out unsupportive beliefs. These can then be replaced with a positive affirmation or intention through the power of thought.

What Happens During The Treatment?

Each 1 hour treatment is £48 and will combine an aura scan, Reiki healing and Guided Meditation. Firstly I will help you to be comfortable on my couch with the support from blankets and cushions. Next I will connect Reiki energy at your shoulders and perform an aura scan. This allows me to sense any areas of stagnant energy so I can focus on them during the mediation. Then, I will guide you through a meditation using the visualisation of a golden sieve. All you need to do is listen and relax. The mediation itself takes about 20/30 minutes to perform, but you will receive reiki beforehand and grounding to finish. Finally, I will offer you recommendations for how best you can support your ongoing healing at the end of the treatment. If you would like to ask further questions before booking a Reiki & Golden Sieve Meditation, please do feel free to email me or look at the frequently asked questions