Reiki & Golden Sieve Meditation £48

‘Use The Power of Visualisation to Heal’

Combine the power of Reiki & Golden Sieve Meditation to cleanse, balance and heal your energy.

Athletes have long used the power of visualisation to improve their chances of success in their field of sport. Whether to visualise jumping the poll volt before taking action, or crossing the line in first place at the 100 metres. Science has proven how the power of our minds can really make the difference. When we visualise, we build new synapses in our brain, making the transfer of electrical signals more efficient.

Quantum science is now proving how we can use these techniques to literally re-wire our brains and heal our bodies. The work of Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden and Bruce Lipton supports these theories.

So why not use the power of your mind to help heal your body?
Even reverse dis-ease…

Join me in a powerful Reiki & Golden Sieve Meditation treatment where I will guide you through a visualisation process using the symbolism of a ‘Golden Sieve’. As the sieve travels through your body, from crown to feet, it will sift and filter any stagnant energy and blocks. Relinquishing vital energy so it can be used to optimise your health. Combined with Reiki, this Reiki & Meditation treatment will prime your body for progressive transformation and healing. Ideal for anyone wishing to combat re-occurring ailments or even treat the side effects of chemotherapy.

Each 1 hour Reiki & Golden Sieve Meditation treatment is £48 and will combine an aura scan, Reiki healing and Guided Meditation. Treatments are performed on a professional massage couch with blankets and cushions to support you in the most comfortable position (lying on your back) and you will remain fully clothed. I will offer you feedback about your chakras at the end of the session and recommendations for how best you can support your ongoing healing. If you would like to ask further questions about your Reiki & Meditation before booking, please do feel free to email me or look at the frequently asked questions section.

If you are currently receiving guidance for a medical condition, please consult your Doctor before booking a Reiki & Meditation treatment.