Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

What is true? Very little if we are honest! So it’s all really about perception and perspective, but we can still learn from each other…and surely life is what learning is all about…that is why I offer you these Quantum Insights…

Gathering Insights Podcast

Gathering Insights Podcast by Sonya Wilkins

Healing Insights for Daily Living

I’m so pleased to be offering a monthly podcast on all the little gems of healing knowledge I find along my own path of discovery. If you enjoy listening to enlightening discussion and concepts while you clean, cook or drive, then my Quantum Insights podcast called is perfect for you. Its packed full of insight from world leaders in Spiritual Awareness, Quantum Science, Heart Coherence and more. I try out theories, discuss their validity and usefulness in every day life. Consequently, this means you can benefit from all the best bits at your leisure.

My Healing Blog

Blogs by Sonya Wilkins, Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

Ideas Made Alive

Quantum Insights often form best when I’m writing, it’s just good to get ideas down on to paper. Usually these ideas come to me from my connection with the the Quantum Field of potential, moments when I gain immediate inspiration, or when I feel connected to some force much greater than myself. I love to reflect and share useful insights so you can percolate over them and take whatever may be of use to you and apply them in your own life. I’d love to hear what you think, so do comment!

Gathering Insights Book

Gathering Insights Book By Sonya Wilkins

Fun For Social Gatherings

I couldn’t resist putting together a little book to enlighten social gatherings. This book is easy to pop in your bag whenever you are out and about; travelling on long journeys; sitting around the campfire or simply around the dinner table with friends & family. It’s suitable for ages 4 up to 100! The aim is to take time to really get to know the hidden secrets and gems of wisdom within us all. You will be amazed at what you uncover about each other by answering the 52 questions inside. This is sure to bring you lots of Quantum Insights!

Myers Briggs Coaching

Myers Briggs Coaching Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

Full Consultation £250

Another Quantum Insight that I would like to offer you is through the established work of Physiologist Carl Jung. He created a personality questionnaire that helps people better understand their preferences in 4 essential areas of life. Namely, Where we get our energy from; How we collect together information from the world around us; How we then make decisions with that information and how we organise our lives. Understanding where our preferences lie in these areas makes a huge impact on the vital energy we use in our lives. Our interpersonal relationships improve and we can identify potential stressors more clearly. Essentially we are able to manage our life force energy more efficiently and hence we are able to heal more effectively.

Craft Therapy

Art Therapy Creating with Clay

Prices Start from £35

Quantum Insight can be about our awareness of the present moment. Mindfulness is a common word these days, but so essential in our spiritual development. One way people can achieve a meditative state is to focus their minds on a grounding activity such as throwing on the Potter’s Wheel with clay. Art is an excellent way to attain more coherent brain wave activity and induce these meditative states. My Ba (Hons) in ceramics, combined with my therapist skills, mean I can offer this to children and adults of all age groups and with specific learning needs. Clay is a very tactile material which lends itself beautifully to my portfolio of healing activities. Please contact me if you would like to book an introductory session, prices start at £35 for half an hour’s 1:1 tuition.

Mentoring in Nature

Mentoring and Walking in Nature

Prices Start from £30

My own love of nature started as a young child and nature’s healing potential never ceases to amaze me. My mentoring sessions have the added benefit of taking you into the outdoors, communing with nature – one of the best ways to gain Quantum Insights! I will ask you thought provoking questions to promote deep inquiry and catalyse personal evolution. My experience in personality testing, team building, strategic planning and a natural curiosity in people means I can assist you in finding the best path in your life; whether it is on a practical level with planning and organisation, or on a more personal level involving self awareness, communication skills or conflict management.  This really is a nourishing way to plan your life and put effective coping mechanisms in place.