Clay Therapy Tuition £35

‘Express Your Creativity & Exercise Meditative Presence’

Clay Therapy Tuition is close to my heart as I trained in ceramics many years ago and have always found that creating with clay, grounds me and brings me back to a place of calm.

In 2017, I opened my home studio to students wishing to realise a particular creative project or to learn how to throw on the Potter’s Wheel. I soon realised there was a lovely blend with my holistic training and my ceramics degree – I could offer this medium up as ‘Clay Therapy Tuition’.

I have students of all ages and often people who have specific learning needs find they benefit hugely from the tactile nature of clay. Everyone benefits from the sensory experience that clay offers.

Clay Therapy Tuition sessions start at £35 for half an hour and they can be tailored to your specific interest or requirements. I can help you bring any clay project you have dreamt of doing into realisation, giving you free rein to express your creativity within the comfort of professional guidance. Or, you can come to me completely new to the world of pottery and explore different approaches to find the technique that best suits you.

During the Clay Therapy Tuition, I provide aprons and all tools and materials, so all you need to do is turn up!  Please see examples of work produced by students in the ‘Read More’ section below.

If you would like to ask further questions before booking please do feel free to email me or look at the frequently asked questions.

Clients are always surprised how relaxing they find throwing on the Potter’s Wheel. The natural tactile nature of clay allows people to focus on the present moment, feeling the clay form into shapes in the hands and hence forget about their own mind chatter or the stresses of every day life.

I also enjoy helping people realise particular creative projects that they maybe don’t have the confidence to work on alone.  The project below was completed by Tom (aged 11yrs) who wanted to make a present for his God Mother.  Tom was very ambitious and wanted to make a life like frog lying on it’s back on a pond lily and holding a candle or incense stick!  We managed to design the end product so it had a space for a tea light candle and also hold an incense stick.  I think you’ll agree the final result was very impressive for an 11 year old!

Clay Therapy & Tuition

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