Mentoring in Nature £20

‘Healing In Nature As You Forge New Plans’

We have all experienced how being in nature is healing.  Somehow we feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ideas can flow more freely as we talk to loved ones or friends on a good old ramble!  My own love of nature and walking started from a young age as I used to walk the dogs with my Father in the woods and fields in Almondsbury after school each day.  My daughter has recently started to walk home from school surrounded by nature, and has commented on the ‘head space’ time she values.  I notice she returns home more grounded and it’s as if the healing quality of fresh air and green surroundings have ‘put her back together again’ after a long and often fragmented day at school.

I suddenly realised one day that my coaching sessions would become so much more profound for clients if I offered them this service in the outdoors.  Hence ‘Mentoring in Nature’.  This is different to coaching in that I will not only ask you open questions about your life structure and goals to encourage self enquiry but I will also advise based on the experience I have gained as a personal development coach in the 10 years I spent at Astrazeneca.  I am qualified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator (a personality questionnaire that helps people identify their preferences for decision making, collecting data, social interaction and lifestyle structuring).  This tool has enabled me to gain insight into the common patterns of behaviour in people and mean that I can assist individuals in better aligning their personal goals with their lifestyle.  I can also advise on communication and interactions styles to help improve interpersonal relationships, and resolve conflict management.  A background in strategic planning and results orientation also provides me with tools and techniques to help you design a life that better serves your Soul Contract.  All of this can be done in the beautiful, healing surroundings of local Bristol trails.

Because there is always an element of ‘fluidity’ in walking and mentoring I only charge £20 per hour and if you book a course of ‘Mentoring in Nature’ I will offer discount.  I normally suggest booking a minimum of a 2 hour session to gain maximum benefit.  For example a block booking of 10 sessions (1 hour each) taken in 5 separate sessions, will amount to £175 and you will receive a goal setting sheet summarising the key areas of your life where you can make change.  If you have any further questions about this lovely activity please email me or refer to the frequently asked questions section on this website.

A few photos of the kind of surrounding I love Mentoring in to get your juices flowing!

Mentoring in Nature

Mentoring in Nature Bristol Reiki Healing Arts