• How do I secure a treatment booking?

    Firstly, please read the information on this site to help you decide which treatment is suitable for your needs. If you’re unsure, please call me on 07790012238 so I can help choose the best treatment in line with your previous experience and goals.

    Then we can arrange a suitable date over the phone, or you can send me an email using the contact form. Once we have agreed on a date and time, I will send you my online bank details so you can make payment ahead of the appointment. This secures your treatment booking and also means we don’t have to do any admin on the day of your treatment, making best use of the consultation time. Alternatively, you can book online and check my availability using my online booking system.

    After payment has been made, I will send you a confirmation email including my consultation form and full address with parking details in readiness for the appointment.

  • Where do I come for my treatment or activity?

    All my healing treatments, in person workshops, 1 day retreats and Myers Briggs consultations take place in ‘Yoko Yurt’, at Mendip Croft in Bleadon Village, near W-S-M, BS24 0NA. If you have booked a ‘Mentoring in Nature’ coaching session or another type of event I will contact you separately giving details of the meeting place or venue.

  • Should I get permission from my Doctor for a healing treatment?

    If you’re currently undergoing treatment for a specific condition, taking medication, have had a recent operation or if you have any concerns at all about the suitability of a healing treatment in line with your current healthcare; you must discuss it with you Doctor before you book a treatment with me. Please bring along any relevant permission documentation if applicable.

  • Are there any side effects from healing treatments?

    People react differently to healing treatments, however there are a few common reactions. Some people experience sensations such as cool and warm, tingling or aching followed by release. They may also see colours when their eyes are closed and sometimes see images. All these things are normal and typically mean you have drifted into a meditative state which is a good sign you are open to receiving the healing.

    After the treatment, it’s common to feel more tired, so an early night’s sleep is recommended. You may also become more thirsty so it is important to drink more water than normal as this will help the body to release and flush out any toxins that may have become ‘loosened’ by the treatment. It’s also advisable to avoid drinking alcohol for 24hrs afterwards. This is so that the body is unhindered in enabling its natural detoxification process. Sometimes, existing conditions or ailments may become exacerbated after a treatment, but these should soon settle and improve.

    If you have any unusual side effects, please contact your GP and send me an email stating what you have experienced.

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    Regarding treatments, all you need to bring is yourself, and make sure you are comfortably dressed, preferably wearing layers so you can adjust your temperature. Long sleeved shirts or tops are useful to wear if you are having a back massage or crystal therapy treatment as they help the crystals glide easily. If you are coming with a friend and having a double treatment booking, then please feel free to bring a book while you wait.

    When you attend in person workshops you will receive full joining instructions describing any additional items that you may need to bring with you.

  • What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

    If appointments are cancelled giving at least 24hrs notice there will be no charge and I will issue a credit note for the amount paid (with 6 months expiry from date of cancellation).

    Any cancellation made with less than 24hrs notice will be charged at the full rate. I always ask clients to pay ahead of their appointments in order to secure bookings, so in this instance no refund or credit note will be given. This is because it’s almost impossible to fill sessions at the last minute and so both preparation time and treatment time has been lost.

  • Do you recommend any specific aftercare?

    Yes, because your body will have released energy, re-balanced and adjusted, it’s advisable to drink more water than normal after a healing treatment. This is because the release that took place during your treatment will continue for up to 24hrs after. Water helps the body to flush out any ‘waste’ or unwanted toxins that may have been released and it’s also really important to fully hydrate so you body is allowed to adjust to an optimum health state.  For this same reason I also recommend you refrain from drinking alcohol for 24hrs. You may also find you are more tired the next day, so take it easy, rest and have an early night’s sleep if you can.

  • Can I bring a friend with me?

    Treatments are about you, they are confidential and private, so I would always suggest coming into ‘Yoko Yurt’ on your own. This is so you can totally relax and focus on your own healing. If however, you suffer from anxiety or would like a friend to come inside with you, please discuss this with me and I will bring an extra seat into the yurt.

    Many clients travel together and book consecutive appointments to save on fuel and carbon footprint. They also extend their ‘down time’ by walking in nature near my house or even along Weston-Super-Mare sea front after the appointments – this makes more of a day trip. In these instances, I can allow you both to relax in my garden room while you swap over for your treatments, so it’s a good idea to bring a book to read.

  • Who covers your therapist insurance?

    My insurance is with Balens specialist insurance brokers and underwritten by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd who provide the legal protection. An example of my schedule of insurance can be found here and it is renewed every year. In order to qualify for insurance I have to provide evidence of my qualifications and upkeep my records efficiently. I also have a responsibility to sustain regular Continuous Personal Development training.  A full list of my qualifications to date can be found here.