3 Ways To Break Free From The Matrix

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Have you ever watched the film ‘The Matrix’

If not, I strongly advise you do…and also listen to this podcast where I share 3 ways to break free from the Matrix…

In today’s ever changing and vulnerable world, we are starting to see things differently and maybe even start to break through the veil of illusion we have been living under. It’s almost like we are breaking free from a spell. A reality that we now realise isn’t real.

So what is YOUR reality? How do you know it is true? Moreover, how do you know if what you experience every day, when you wake up, is real or an illusion created to keep you from finding an enlightened existence?

It’s All About Choice

If you had the choice of knowing, seeing and experiencing the truth of life as we know it, would you take the chance or stay comfortably numb? Would you take the blue pill or the red pill?

Could you live knowing that you will never view the world the same if you take the veil of illusion away? Or could you survive bearing the truth never to return to the illusion again?

Given that many of us do seek the truth, I offer 3 ways to break free from the matrix and how you can lift the veil of illusion. How you can break free from the matrix!

3 Simple Tools

They are 3 simple tools, one of which you may already do as part of your daily routine. But I suspect very few of us do all three.

They also offer you the ability to break free from not just your illusion but tap into your subconscious mind and potentially re-program your beliefs.

This is the key to true self awareness, self-empowerment and the truth of life itself.

Enjoy the journey…and let me know where it takes you…

Sonya X

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Watch ‘The Matrix’
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