Shape Shifting Energy For Healing

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What Makes You Feel Supercharged?

I would love to explain how you can shape shift energy for healing your body & your life. Energy is readily available to all of us and what’s more, when we do something we love in life, that energy is amplified. If we choose to focus on the energy and vitality we gain when doing something we love; we can in fact utilise that vital energy and transfer it to another area of our body or life.

What makes you feel alive?

What makes you feel expansive?

What makes you connect with something greater than yourself?

Powerful Self Healing

I invite you to engage with this wonderful, dynamic force of energy and then use it to invade an area of your life that needs a boost. You can apply this technique to your physical body too. Any area of the body which is in pain or needs healing, can be alleviated by injecting it with vital energy from an area of the body that is well, balanced and working effortlessly!

Fun & Playful

Shape shifting energy for healing your body & your life is a fun and dynamic tool; why not engage your inner child and start to play with this technique to see what you can gain? Maybe you can develop a new found skill or strengthen a relationship in your life? The possibilities are endless once you learn how to harness and transfer vital, positive energy.

Kensho & Satori

Do you know the difference between Kensho and Satori? I will also explain the different ways our energy unfolds in life…

Curious? Then do listen and start exploring the potential you hold within you for healing and as always, I’d love to hear how you get on!

Best Wishes,

Sonya X

Music by Neil H ‘Novus Initium’

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