The Wonders Of Castor Oil

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How Can You Heal Quickly?

In this podcast I share The Wonders Of Castor Oil and how you can use it to heal your body and even emotions. I first learnt about Castor Oil from Dr. Norman Shealy many years ago. Dr. Shealy has seen amazing results with his clients over the years, from healing cancers to simple muscular injuries and strains. I too have seen amazing results with my own clients, helping them to treat frozen shoulder, IBS, Anxiety and more. Hence, I am motivated to share The Wonders Of Castor Oil with as many people as possible, so please do share this knowledge.

I share my own personal experiences using Castor Oil to treat my suspected Endometriosis and painful periods – I realise first hand, how debilitating this can be for many women every month so it was important I shared this healing knowledge with you all. I describe 3 ways in which you can easily use and integrate Castor Oil into your wellbeing routine and the simple, inexpensive ‘kit’ you will need.

Interested in a bit more research behind the use of Castor Oil? Check out the work of Dr. William McGarey of the ARE Clinic in Phoenix. He has performed many tests using Castor Oil, so if you wish to find out more about his clinical results, please use the link below:

If you suffer from Cataracts, you will need this link to purchase Dr. Norman Shealy’s USP Castor Oil:

Castor Oil can also be easily purchased online, this is the brand I use:

I really hope you give Castor Oil a try – it is an age old remedy that we all need to have in our bathroom cabinets!
Best Wishes,
Sonya X
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