The Declaration Of Absolute Light

Using the law of attraction

Wishing You All A Festive Season Full Of Light

In this podcast ‘The Declaration of Absolute Light’, I share with you 3 beautiful forms and frequencies of light. I explain how each one can be used to heal yourself as an individual and the collective as a whole.

Sit back and let me help you explore the differences between these 3 different light frequencies, namely: Polarity Light, Virtual Light and Absolute Light. Then I describe in practical terms how you can use them to bring about change; transformation in your personal life, manifest what you desire and potentially bring about miraculous healing.

Do you want to ‘Act, Manifest & Pray’ not only for yourself, but for others, your community and our world as a whole?

With this knowledge, The Declaration of Absolute Light will be invited into your life and who knows what wonderful transformation this may bring about!

For those of you who are celebrating Christmas, have a wonderful festive season together; for those of you who are not, I wish you peace, good health and joy…

I will look forward to sharing more Gathering Insights with you in 2021 🙂
Best Wishes,
Sonya X
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