3 Ways To Change Perspective

Using the law of attraction

How To Pull Yourself Out Of Your Current Reality

When life gets confusing, confrontational and challenging its often refreshing to take a step back and change our viewpoint. In this podcast I will share with you 3 ways to change perspective.
So that sounds useful right? But it can be hard to remember to do it – how can we do this in the heat of the moment? Well, analogy and symbolism can help to remind us to take action and switch our perspective.
In this podcast I offer up 3 ways in which we can ‘get over ourselves’, or literally ‘get outside of ourselves’ in order to:
Find the clarity we need during times of turmoil and chaos;
Bring to light what we need to do during an emergency situation;
Take our own agenda out of a situation and become more objective;
Grow more self awareness;
..and finally,
Become more present;

I describe the ‘Snowglobing’, ‘Helicopter’ and ‘Petri Dish’ methods so you can achieve this altered perspective and gain the benefits. Further more, how you can invite in a new Archetype of behaviour into your life!

Which archetype would you choose? Will you be ‘The Joker’, ‘The Magician’ or ‘The Maverick’?
I’d love to hear yours…
Best Wishes,
Sonya 🙂
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