Psychedelic Floor Tiles and Stealth Mind

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Do Things In Your Environment Aggravate You?

‘Psychedelic Floor Tiles and Stealth Mind’ ~ Yes a strange title I know, but sometimes the every day things in our life can trigger reactions in us, ones that when we look closer, open a window of self enquiry and discovery.

This podcast was prompted by a book I was reading the previous night called ‘The Courage To Be Disliked’ by Ichiro Kishimi and when I woke the following morning it sparked some interesting insights about my life and the environment I live in and around. 

How ‘Stealth’ Is Your Mind?

Allow me to take you on an insightful meander about how we all can take our surroundings for granted and still be dominated by the ‘internal weather’ of our minds. Have you got any Psychedelic Floor Tiles that aggravate you? Does your stealth mind creep up on you and take over your thoughts…only to find that you are in a very different place in your mind minutes, hours or days later?

How adaptable are you to your environment? Do you have any coping mechanisms to stay present and grateful? I’d love to hear how you manage your equivalent of ‘Psychedelic Floor Tiles and Stealth Mind’.

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Music by Neil H ‘Novus Initium’
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