Please enjoy reading some Testimonials from my lovely clients who I am honoured to work with…

“I learn as much from my clients and they learn from me…I truly believe we are all here to learn from each other”

“I have had the pleasure to have two amazing healing sessions with Sonya, a chakra balance and a crystal healing. Sonya has a wonderfully soothing, calm manner with the treatment being carried out in a beautifully, serene setting. She spent time discussing my concerns and there was a lot of thought put into what practice would best suit my need. I am due to have further sessions and would highly recommend her for a calming, healing experience”.

“Sonya trained with me in 2008, and qualified as a Reiki Practitioner. She went on to qualify in Crystal Therapy and other healing skills, and came back in 2017 to assist me on the Reiki 1 & 2 courses. She is a very experienced, intuitive and powerful healer, with a wealth of skills she can call on to help clients on their healing journey. I’ve had healing with Sonya myself, so I know how good she is! I’m happy to endorse her, and recommend her to my Reiki students”.

The Quantum Crystal Healing online course covers some deeply interesting and fascinating subjects. It includes many more aspects related to healing in general, compared to what you might be expecting. This is hugely beneficial as it broadens your wider knowledge of what healing can do and how we can all work with it for what ever the reason, need or purpose.

The course is very easy to follow with simple, clear, information and I found Sonya a delight to listen to throughout. I would recommend this course whole heartedly and just say, you’ll get far more out of it, compared to many straight forward crystal courses”.

“I was so happy I shared my first ever Reiki session with Sonya in her beautiful practice room. Sonya is a kind, warm and sweet person and made me feel very safe before and during the session. For my first session, Sonya helped explained what the Reiki practice could offer, going over the benefits of the practice and what I may experience. Sonya also likes to incorporate the use of colour in her practice and allows you to choose what colour you’re drawn towards that day, making your experience very individual and catered to you. I highly recommended Sonya as she is a kind, warm and lovely person with an open heart. After one session, I felt rejuvenated and had greater clarity. I hope to have some more sessions with her in the future”. 🙂

“Sonya was fantastic at grasping immediately who I was as an individual during my MBTI feedback session.  She figured out things about me before I even recognised them in myself! The session was very interesting and will definitely benefit me when I enter a working environment in the future”.

“I had the most wonderful Reiki session! just what I needed. Loved the energy in the room and the use of colour therapy and crystals during the treatment. Will certainly be booking in for another. Thank you so much Sonya”.

“Thank you so, so, so much dear Sonya for your help and advice, wrapped with your spirituality and care. The reiki sessions over the past 9 months have, without doubt, aided my recovery and supported me through stormy times. I have loved choosing crystals and being introduced to the undoubtably restorative properties of reiki and crystal healing. I recommend you to everyone as you have helped me so much with your compassion, knowledge and care”.

“I recently commissioned Sonya to design and make a yarn bowl for me. I crochet and knit in my spare time and needed a bowl to hold my wool as I worked. I asked her to include one of the Reiki symbols to go on the bowl. I am a Reiki Practitioner and I wanted to imbue my work with intention to craft with purpose and let the energy flow. When I pick up the yarn bowl Sonya produced for me, I smile as I see the beauty in the bowl with its HSZSN Reiki symbol for distance healing. This symbol translates to having no present, past or future. Thus I am in the moment with my yarn and creativity. Sonya has interpreted the brief exactly as I requested and I am truly grateful that she accepted the commission”.

“Wonderful experience from start to finish. Sonya is lovely, kind and makes you feel at ease. The location is heavenly. I felt amazing after my treatment and will definitely be booking again”.

“Sonya provides a calm and relaxing environment.  Her care in explaining what would happen during the treatment and answering my questions put me at ease.  I felt ‘lighter’ after my sessions and found the whole experience both enriching and refreshing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her”.

“Sonya is a lovely warm person who was very welcoming and instantly made me feel relaxed in her treatment room.  She sensitively explored how I was currently feeling and then went on to explain the process for the Reiki treatment.  The Reiki energy was lovely, I could feel her working over certain areas of my body releasing tension, I was so relaxed I drifted off into a light sleep!  I would definitely recommend her – I will be booking again!”