Bristol Holistic Taster Day

I will be sharing my energy management routine live as part of the Holistic Taster Day in association with Bristol Spiritual Collective, in Bristol BS2 on Saturday 16th November.

Enjoy an immersive day focusing on YOU, as you experience a range of wonderful treatments, healing and potentially life-changing experiences.

I will be running a live interactive class showing you how to use simple movements and focus on pressure points on the body to cleanse and enliven your energy! This routine can be adopted at any time in the day as part of a health regime, helping you to optimise your overall health and well being.

This Energy Routine Will Help You To:

Engage key meridian points in the body to release toxins.
Balance left and right energy mapping in the body.
Activate the flow of ‘Chi’ or life force energy.
Boost your immune system.
Cleanse & expand your aura.
Promote clear thinking.
Connect Heart Coherence.
Protect your energy system for day ahead.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I am really excited to be sharing this wonderful routine with you and in addition, I will be offering Reiki taster sessions in the afternoon of the taster day.

For full details and to book your tickets, please click the button below.