Thunder Thoughts About Energy

Using the law of attraction

Energy is all around us and inside us!

In this June podcast, I share my Thunder Thoughts About Energy – tonight’s thunder storm was the perfect time to capture my reflections about this force of nature and how it relates to our physical being…

I’ve recently been on a deep dive to understand the relationship between our aura, meridians and chakras – I had some questions in my mind about these complex systems, as it seems many people are unclear how they actually work together.

In this podcast I offer up a simple analogy to help you understand how these three systems interrelate and how they may be healed using holistic therapies. As we enter a new ‘norm’ after Covid-19 lockdown, I invite you to think differently about your existence as an energetic being.

The background of this storm provides the perfect scene, so I hope you enjoy my thunder thoughts!

Best Wishes,
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