Ignite Your Healing Potential

Using the law of attraction


In this podcast I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the host of the Mindful Living Show, as part of Spirit Fest TV. I share highlights and tips included in this new online course and discuss ways in which you can ignite your healing potential.

We discuss how lockdown during the Covid-19 epidemic, presents us all with opportunities for increased self awareness. Also a time to ‘check in’ on what we need in order to simply ‘feel better’. I share some of the topics covered in my new course and how you can integrate some ‘little gems of wisdom’ into your daily routine. These gems can help to ease stress, attract what you want in your life (as opposed to what you don’t want!) and create increased grounded-ness and harmony.

I also offer listeners the opportunity to purchase ‘Quantum Crystal Healing – Ignite Your Healing Potential‘ at a discounted price. The offer is valid until the 8th June.

Please use the link below to access the coupon, enjoy 🙂


Stay safe and well, Sonya X

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