What Makes Your Ears Prick Up?

Gathering Insights by Sonya Wilkins

We can all identify with things that make our eyes twinkle, our ears prick up, and our hearts lift. It’s just that we don’t listen to them so much anymore. Life is too busy and distracting nowadays. So, I thought I’d offer up this little snippet to get you thinking about what makes your ears prick up and how you can integrate those feel good things in to your work life balance.  I’d love to hear what things make your ears stand on alert!

My hope is that you enjoy my relaxed and curious way of sharing thoughts and philosophies, I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I love exploring ideas.  This is my way of sharing the golden nuggets of wisdom I uncover while on my own adventure called life.  Please do share your own reflections and comments on the subjects I discuss, I would so love to hear them!