Healing Treats for 2020

Using the law of attraction

Happy New Everyone!

I’d like to start this special year off by offering you some Healing Treats for 2020! In this podcast I will tell you about the new healing course ‘Crystals for You’ I am offering, plus some brand new treatments to help you navigate what is going to be a transformative next decade! They are all rich in learning, combining meditation, theory and experiential approaches that will essentially help you to heal yourself. They are, I believe, some of the things we should all have been taught at school from a young age, as they are essential healing methods in your ‘tool kit for life’. 

If there are any additional courses you would like me to consider adding to my holistic portfolio for you, please do let me know! My mission is to help YOU heal YOURSELF, so I love hearing about what you feel you need. Then, I can develop insightful and rich learning experiences tailored for you.

May your heart be open and playful, may you approach life with curiosity and unexpected the unexpected..truly enjoying this adventure called life…

With Love,
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