How To Protect & Centre Your Energy In Times Of Chaos

Using the law of attraction

“Create a little inner calm while the chaos of the world swirls”

How to protect & centre your energy in times of chaos is an essential guide to navigating today’s climate. I will explain how to stimulate your thymus gland to raise the effectiveness of your immune system. Understand how to centre and protect your precious life force energy, and lastly, how to ground your energy so you can focus clearly on your day ahead. These are all essential tools at any time of life, but particularly useful during the unrest we are all feeling at the moment.

You may also like to watch my ‘Morning Energising Routine‘ which demonstrates some wonderful energy exercises formulated by Donna Eden. I have introduced a few little snippets of my own which supplement her work, to give you a fully charged routine when you need that extra clarity, balance and harmony.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and I’d love to hear how you get on integrating these fantastic tools into your every day life.
With Love,
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