How to Heal Feminine Trauma with Crystal Mandalas

Crystal Womb Healing Mandala Bristol Reiki Healing Arts

How wonderful would it be if we could take natural, beautiful forms and use them to heal our feminine being?  This is exactly what I am able to offer as a unique healing modality for women who have experienced trauma.  This can take the form of menstrual discomfort, miscarriage or the loss of an intimate relationship, historical and lineage stress in the female line, or help required with conception and motherhood.  Of course all these types of trauma or challenge are rooted in an emotional cause as with all dis-ease, so it is imperative to target the point of origin where the initial trauma started.

Crystal Selection Bristol Reiki Healing ArtsFor many of us this can be painful to recall verbally, so by using tools which by-pass this type of enquiry we can step into the realm of intuitive healing and heal by way of mirroring pure balanced harmony.  Crystals are produced in the heart of our earth over millions and millions of years.  They hold the wisdom of the planet and their chemical structure offers a blueprint for perfect harmony (in different aspects depending on their individual personalities and colours).  For example, orange stones will most readily balance the sacral chakra (denoted by the colour orange).  All chakras or energy centres in the body are responsible for keeping the corresponding organs of the body in balance and working at an optimum level.  So by placing a purely balanced orange crystal such as Carneilain on the abdomen we can encourage healing to take place in that area of the body, in a physical, emotional and mental way.

I believe that we all have the ability to self heal and by using self enquiry and intuition we can choose the right foods to eat and nourish our bodies, the right colours to wear on a day, the right exercise to benefit our physical being etc etc.  The problem is we have forgotten how to talk to our bodies and listen to what it needs.  This is where I can help as a conduit and guide for your own healing.  Having a sound knowledge and relationship with the many beautiful and powerful crystals we share our world with, I can guide and help you asses and select the perfect combination of healing tools for your body.

I talk from experience, not just in my training, but from an authentic place of healing my own feminine trauma.

Recently I identified there was a deep yearning in myself, as with many women, for intimate feminine healing.  This prompted me to explore ways to help us get back in tune with the beauty of our life giving nature.  Our nurturing ability and wisdom.

I decided to explore the use of crystals and flowers in a mandala formation to extract trauma and replace it with healing energy.  Being a nature lover, it was obvious to me that flowers and petals complimented the use of crystals.  But I also realised this had a deeper purpose.  Why do we use flowers to pay respect to those who die?  It seems appropriate doesn’t it?  When we look for healing it is most often also about loss.  It may be that we have literally lost someone close to us, but often it is a part of ourselves that we have lost.  We may have lost our sense of self, our confidence, our identity or our courage.  So using flowers to mark this loss, and pay homage to it felt so right.  We of course also use flowers to celebrate in our lives.  Weddings, parties, or simply when we want to show someone we love them.  So how better than to use them in both directions – to respect and honour loss, but also welcome in new healing, love and celebrate transformation?  When I stepped into my garden and chose the flower blossoms that would compliment my personal ‘Crystal Mandala’ it was a joy to commune with both nature and my soul, and arrive at the perfect personal solution for my own feminine healing.

Extraction Crystal Womb Healing MandalaWhen I placed the first ‘Extraction Mandala’ onto my Hara (lower abdomen) I slipped into a gentle light sleep, instantly felt cocooned by love and comforted by the cleansing crystal energy.  My menstrual pain diminished and after 15 minutes I received the most wonderful lace like mandala image in my mind’s eye, it was coloured green (the colour of the heart chakra and denotes healing in general).  I intuitively knew this signified the completion of the healing with this first mandala, the extraction of any stagnant energy was complete.  It was an incredibly supportive and reassuring experience.  One that I want to share with as many women as I can.  Once stagnant energies are released and cleansed from our bodies it is imperative to replace them with positive energies, only then we can feel rebalanced.  For this purpose Rose Quartz and Carnelian felt appropriate for my own specific needs.  I also selected white Lilac Blossom from my garden and repeated the healing modality over the area of my Hara, but this time with the 6 quartz points pointing inwards towards the central stones.  This brought about a beautiful warm and rebalancing feeling in my lower abdomen.  I felt renewed on a deeply feminine level.

Crystal Womb Healing is truly a wonderful treatment, one which I hope you will experience for yourself.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your needs.

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