Planful or Spontaneous? – Podcast 2

Gathering Insights by Sonya Wilkins

Ever wondered why you find it frustrating that some people leave things to the last minute and you need to finalise them as early as possible?  Do you prefer to ‘play’ first and ‘work’ later or get all your ‘work’ done so you know how much ‘play’ time you have left?  A conversation with my daughter on the school run opened up this interesting topic about how we respond to different preferences for time keeping with our friends, the knock on effect it has and how this might have consequences in personal relationships and compatibility.

I hope you enjoy my relaxed and curious way of sharing thoughts and philosophies, I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I love exploring ideas.  This is my way of sharing the golden nuggets of wisdom I uncover while on my own adventure called life and I would love to hear your reflections and comments on the subjects I discuss.

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    • Sonya Wilkins
      Sonya Wilkins says:

      Thank you Jules…glad you enjoyed the podcast! I’ll be doing another this week about how to use the power of intention ✨


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