Using The Law Of Attraction – Podcast 3

Gathering Insights by Sonya Wilkins

Have you tried manifesting the life you want using the law of attraction, but failed?  In this podcast I share my own personal experiences and those of some spiritual teachers I respect, giving you top tips for making it work!  There’s so many juicy morsels I can share…and it’s so exciting as I’ve had some success myself so this all comes first hand.  This is an amazing opportunity to start planning for 2019, so go on treat yourself to the life you want to create!

I hope you enjoy my relaxed and curious way of sharing thoughts and philosophies, I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I love exploring ideas.  This is my way of sharing the golden nuggets of wisdom I uncover while on my own adventure called life and I would love to hear your reflections and comments on the subjects I discuss.

(Music courtesy of Neil H – Thanks Neil!)

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